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BREAST IMPLANT-24 hours recovery







We have created this site targeting at informing you about the achievements of plastic surgery in complete safety and with successful results for you.
The development and diversification of the surgical technique as well as the materials that are being used, the experience gained, the exchange of ideas and opinions and easy access to information, allowed plastic surgery to make wishes, and also our needs of staying in shape, of being socially competitive, come true.
The key of success for an esthetic intervention consists in a good communication between the surgeon and the patient, the purpose being establishing an optimum balance between what is scientifically possible, the art of plastic surgery, and what you wish for. For this reason, esthetic surgery consultations are part of the surgical treatment plan itself and can point out the ideal solution to your problems. Thus, though you might consider a mammary implant as the right solution for you, it could be very likely that it doesn't solve breast ptosis, resulting in compulsory associated procedures for the right effect; liposuction remodels your abdomen, but there are times when it is not adequate, abdominoplasty being the solution instead.
Your motivation, your way of life, the time you can spare for an esthetic treatment, physical particularities, associated affections, age, profession, all together form a very important part in establishing the correct therapeutic conduct, one that would be in accordance with your expectations.
The psychological factor, the natural fear for a surgical intervention, anxiety that appears when getting closer to the operation, are often diminished or even missing, due to the decisive part of the detailed information that patients receive during consultations. Equally true is that after an esthetic surgery, patients have experienced feelings of freedom and lower inhibitions in their relations with others.
 Feminine esthetic surgery

  1. Facial esthetic surgery
  2. Facial beauty microinjections
  3. Breast and figure esthetic surgery
  4. After birth esthetic surgery
  5. Genital esthetic surgery
  6. Varix esthetic surgery

B. Male esthetic surgery

  1. Face lift
  2. Ginaecomasty
  3. Hair transplant
  4. Rhinoplasty
  5. Blepharoplasty
  6. Otoplasty
  7. Tattoo removal
  8. Figure surgery


After, and especially during a pregnancy, the organism suffers certain adapting changes which frequently leave undesired traces.
Frequently after finishing breast feeding the child, the mammary gland suffers an involution process, reducing its volume. During this process the tegument surrounding the gland retires as well, but usually not enough, the result being that breast fall simetrically, but more frequent non-simetrically. In this situation mammary augmentation can bring back the breast harmony by volume recovering and frequent correction of volume differences. In the case of an important ptosis, mastopexy, by itself or associated to mammary implant can be the right solution.
Adipose deposits
Frequently positioned on hips, abdomen or thighs, they can be subject to remodeling through liposculpture .
Cutaneous-adipose apron and thread veins
Frequently, in cases of large or twin pregnancies, irreversible changes in tegument elasticity appear on abdomen level, taking the shape of skin falling like an apron over the pubian region, accompanied by thread veins. Abdominoplasty removes these shortcomings.
Muscle laxity
During the abdominoplasty procedure the tonus of abdominal muscles is recovered and a possible peri-navel post-partum hernia.
Related or not with pregnancy, labia hyper-trophy can cause a certain discomfort which will be removed by their plastic remodelation.
Pubian region lifting and remodelation
Also subject to change during pregnancy, the pubian region can be lifted and eventually remodeled through liposuction and mini-abdominoplasty.
Thread veins esthetic cure
Due to pregnancy pressure, it is possible to appear or develop existing varicose illness. Esthetic thread veins cure consists in their removal through small dot incisions, invisible after curing.
Soft tehniques is desired to be a new concept in esthetic surgery, resulted from the realities in our nowadays society, when nobody wishes, or affords, long periods of inactivity. Fast recovery, one day hospitalization (one day surgery), repeatability, minimum pain or lack of pain, together with long desired changes, yet not aggressive, sudden ones, turned these techniques into being more and more appreciated and spread.
Vertical lifting - through limited incisions, muscles and tissues are repositioned to their initial location, the face becoming again tonic looking and fresh. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesis, with a quick recovery and minimum pain discomfort.
Minilifting - removes excess tegument, smooths out some wrinkles.
Trans-conjunctive blefaroplasty - fixes the fat bags under the eye without leaving visible scars.
Limited liposuction - double chin, facial lifting, "fins"
Wrinkle micro-injections - botulinic toxin, wrinkles are smoothed out by filling them with: collagen, hyaluronic acid, bioalcamid, artecol
Lip enhancement and outlining - the opportunity of these techniques, by themselves or associated, as well as the appraisal of possible results are to be discussed during the consultation with the plastic surgeon.
Wrinkle stumpation with botulinic toxin
Lip enhancement

Beauty micro-injections
This chapter includes the range of anti-wrinkle facial cosmetic surgery therapies, that does not require prior preparation, the so called "lunch break procedures":
Expression wrinkles treatment (botulinic toxin) (new-party anti-wrinkle)
About the procedure
The greatest discovery of the last years.
Microinjections with botulinic toxin are part of the arsenal of the anti-wrinkle battle of facial cosmetic surgery. Through its fast effect, the simplicity of the procedure and the lack of necessity for any prior preparation, the use of botulinic toxin has become today one of the most requested facial cosmetic treatments world wide.
The treatment is addressed to dynamic wrinkles appearing somewhere around the age of 30-35 years due to the repeated contractions in mimic muscles. Static "aging" wrinkles benefit less from the toxin, the use of replenishment microinjections (please see facial treatments with injectable endoprosthetis, collagen, hyaluronic acid), of peeling or plastic surgery being possible alternatives.
Botulinic toxin is a nature produced substance which could be used for medical purposes after being purified and diluted in small quantities.
The opportunity of botulinic toxin usage and also the possibility of additional or alternative treatments will be established during the consultation.
You will be presented similar cases, before and after the procedure.
Not necessary
The intervention
Can be done immediately after the consultation, since anti-wrinkle facial cosmetic treatments do not require special preparation.The treatment consists in injecting the solution into several facial points through a very delicate needle.

Results of botulinic toxin treatment:
  • Wrinkles on face upper level, between the eyebrows, on the forehead, at the corner of the eye (crows feet) disappear
  • Wrinkles on the neck and between breasts are smoothed out. 
  • Frowning reflex disappears
  • You break yourself of the habit of reflex using the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation, even after the effect of the toxin has ceased
  • Puts a stop to forehead sweating
  • Treats palms, feet and armpit hyperhidrosis



saloane Topul saloanelor de infrumustare
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